[2017-08-25] Swish swish

On Set with Swish Swish

08/28/2017 12:00 PM

At the Just Dance Studio, we will never stop loving Katy Perry. When she announced her new album "Witness," we were thrilled to include "Swish Swish" as one of our official Just Dance 2018 songs. This will be Katy’s 13th song in the Just Dance series, and we're so excited to choreograph it!

Watching Katy’s live performances inspired our team to find a way to bring clubbing, extravagance, baroque, and space opera all into one incredible dance. This genre of 90’s house music welcomed the opportunity to create a very nostalgically modern and trendy dance while still being accessible. Everything about this number screams “let’s have fun,” and also manages to be stylish.

Working on Swish Swish, we knew multiple dancers were a must! This is our second Katy song with four dancers ("This is How We Do" was our first), but, this time, each dancer comes with their own distinct personality to complement the multiple genres of dance in the song. From left to right we have the Mysterious Bedouin Fashionista (with a bit of an avant-garde flavor), the sexy cute “kawaii” character, the Space Girl, and the futuristically dapper guy.

All four are unique, but together they become greater than they are individually. There is something for everyone in this dance. We can’t wait to see you dancing on the World Dance Floor. Remember, Just Dance 2018 will be available on October 24.

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